FEA Code of Ethics

Mindful that they represent constantly and continually, on and off duty, the Fraternity System and all its constituent and component parts, both individual and group, as well as their colleagues and associates in the Fraternity Executives Association, the entire professional staff of member fraternities is expected to observe conscientiously these ethical standards.

  • TO be in all their work truly professional, teachers and experts whose lessons are inculcated by personal example as well as by precept;

  • TO enrich and broaden their professional standing through further diligent pursuit of education and training;

  • TO utilize every opportunity to improve public understanding of fraternities, of the principles upon which they are based, and of their role of higher education;

  • TO respect the principles and rights of fraternal confidentiality and the individual uniqueness of each fraternity as expressed through policies and programs adopted by the fraternityís governing body;

  • TO speak at no time in a derogatory way of another fraternityís policies and programs or indulge in personalities;

  • TO refuse to communicate in any way with the members, pledges, or associate members of any so as to weaken their loyalty to their own fraternity, or bring about secession from the parent fraternity, or affiliation with any other fraternity;

  • TO uphold the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Fraternity Executives Association, to share freely with others their professional knowledge, to accept their share of interfraternity responsibilities, and to encourage and build healthy competition, pride of organization, larger loyalties and maturity of judgment.

Recognizing that the strength of each member Fraternity is directly related to the strength of the Fraternity System as a whole, we the members of the Fraternity Executives Association subscribe to these statements of ethical standards conducive to the principles of harmony and to the general welfare of all.