Event Design School


The Fraternity Executive Association and The Leadership and Training Studio are partnering with event expert Shawn Eagleburger, to deliver a two-day Event Design School for event planners.

You have a lot of events, and itís not just your convention every two or three years. Itís webinars, board meetings, consultant interviews, regional events, officer trainings, adviser development and so much more.

Whether you are the event dreamer or the event designer, you have a lot of work to do, and we want to help. During this two-day event in Carmel, IN., we will create a structure around all your work while you start developing your next premiere event (no matter what your budget size is).

During this live session, we will cover five key components of event management. First, we will construct a long-term plan and strategy, design pin-pointed messaging, outline the details of a premiere event, manage all the delivery, and evaluate the entire process.

Whether you want to raise awareness, raise money, or raise the knowledge of your members, this interactive event will give you the opportunity to collaborate and maximize your content.

 So, join us this spring for our first event for event planners!

The program will begin with a dinner on Monday, March 5, run Tues., March 6, 9-4 and end Wed., March 7 at noon.
355 City Center Dr,
Carmel, IN 46032

$399 per person
ONLY $199 for each additional person from the same institution or organization
*Registration costs
*Dinner on Monday
*Lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday