2016 Faculty - Jessica Pettitt, Good Enough Now

Why do you think the IFI experience is important for newer professionals? 

Professional development is important and often under utilized in Higher Education. The Interfraternity Institute is a GREAT time to be with your peers and really learn.

We thank you for giving your time to the institute. Why are you interested in serving FEA and IFI in this capacity?

I feel like a part of the community and have worked on so many campuses and with so many different organizations, it feels like a natural fit. Plus I hear Dr. Jeremiah Shinn will be making an appearance, so duh...

If you could describe your first few years in the field with one word, what would it be and why?

It's a tie between EXHAUSTED and LONELY.

What books, articles, etc. do you recommend?

One of my favorites is Larry May's Sharing Responsibility. University of Chicago Press, 1992. Are individuals responsible for the consequences of actions taken by their community? What about their community's inaction or its attitudes? In this innovative book, Larry May departs from the traditional Western view that moral responsibility is limited to the consequences of overt individual action. Drawing on the insights of Arendt, Jaspers, and Sartre, he argues that even when individuals are not direct participants, they share responsibility for various harms perpetrated by their communities.

Jessica Pettitt is attending the Intefraternity Institute for the first time as a faculty member this summer. Her session will pertain to developing participants' cultural competency. For more information about Jessica and Good Enough Now, visit http://www.goodenoughnow.com/.