Radically Unfinished - Women in the Workplace

The Fraternity Executive Association and The Leadership and Training Studio are partnering, with the help of MJ Insurance, to deliver a two-day event for women working on fraternity or sorority headquarters staff.

October 16-17, 2019, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Conference Room at (11711 N. Meridian St., Carmel, IN)


$399 per person
ONLY $199 for each additional person from the same institution or organization
We would like to limit participants from the same organization to six

Overnight accommodations - Renaissance Carmel North has a fraternal rate of $169 a night. You can call 866-905-9619 and reference FEA or use this link.

After the great turnout the last two years we want to continue to support women and not just on Mondays when they are fresh off of some rest from the weekend. Itís time to help them be successful year round Ė and not just for a year. Itís time to support them, to listen to them and to hold them accountable. Itís time to offer them real solutions in the areas they are struggling, and itís time to do it now Ė before it is too late.

We keep meeting with women and hearing similar things.  They donít know how to ask for help, they are easily frustrated and unfortunately they are looking for new places to go instead of fixing the issues where they are. (This is happening to women who work for fraternities, just as it is happening to women who work for sororities.)
After all these conversations, we finally realized we must address these issues for many reasons. First and foremost, we keep losing really talented women because they donít know always know how to handle being in the workforce. They need to learn how to advocate, negotiate, really understand the value of feedback (even when itís corrective), and understand the business side of our work. We need to be clear with our talented women on how to handle conflict, how to manage difficult people (including other team members) and how to get a mentor, a coach and a sponsor. Plus, we need to talk to them about authentic confidence so they can focus on the purpose of our organizations, and stop spinning over each decision.
We want to frame an honest conversation about the expectations of being a woman in the workforce. Then, we want to challenge some existing thoughts and behaviors so we can set a practical course for success. We want to keep our women in this industry, but first, we must have direct and authentic discussions.

During this event, women will:

  • Create professional user manuals. (So women can learn self-identification, explore blind spots, and list strengths.)
  • Complete a full DiSC assessment. (So they know themselves, and how to identify other peopleís personality profiles. This is a great strategy for working with volunteers and other team members, so they feel like the professional staff ďjust gets them.Ē)
  • Identify ways to manage critical conversations.
  • List ways to deliver and receive feedback. (So women donít avoid sharing valuable insight with each other.)
  • Practice networking.
  • List the components of Executive Presence for women in the workplace.
  • Practice body language and speech patterns. (So women can look and sound professional in meetings.)
  • Identify ways to find a mentor, coach and a sponsor.
  • Create a calendar of people to connect with to enhance their role in the workplace.
  • List ways to build personal and professional confidence.
  • Create a business case for work.
  • Identify ways to articulate your professional value.
  • Create workplace action plans.
  • In addition, we will talk about how to prove your worth to your boss, discuss the habits of innovative women and more.